Roxie had moxie! Raised in a violent, alcohol fueled family, she was a poster child for the power of nature vs. nurture. She had wisdom beyond her years and Christian love for everyone who she met. She was romantic and wise and faced life head-on with humor and passion. Encouraged by her second husband, she started college at 40; she had a BS in psychology and a Master of Social Work by the time of her passing at age 55. This book describes my privilege of being her partner for her last 16 years. Truly the good sometimes die young!

Once Upon an Otter


Have you ever watched the otters at the zoo?  Otters, especially the river otters, are constantly playing.  Wouldn’t you like to live your life like that.  What would that look like in a relationship.  Read more about the two otters on the Story of the Otter page.